Maximizing Savings via a Disney Vacation Account

Edit: Sadly, Disney cancelled the Disney Vacation Account Program in September 2017.

So you have a small or rather large pile of Disney gift cards, or a good little savings. Now what? Bank them for free in a Disney Vacation Account.

A Disney Vacation Account, run by Disney, allows you to save a little at a time, as well as combine your Disney gift cards into one place. Why do this? Besides seeing your progress in one, convenient place, there is an incentive. For ever $1,000 you pay out of the account, you will receive a bonus $20 Disney gift card, with a maximum of $500. It’s not much, but it’s something. For a typical trip you can expect to earn $40-60.

The account must be open for 180 days before you are eligible for this deal, so open it today. It only takes $10 and if you decide not to go the funds that you put into the account remain liquid and can be extracted at any time in the form of which they were received.

2 thoughts on “Maximizing Savings via a Disney Vacation Account

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