Swagbucks: Easy Earners for the week of 7/5/17

So you may have heard me mention Swagbucks before. It’s a website that gives you points for doing small tasks, taking surveys, online purchases, and signing up for subscriptions.

I have a love/hate relationship with it to be honest. Sometimes it’s great, and other times it’s a real pain. If you are going to sign up for it (and I suggest you do), make a separate email address just for the account as it will frequently spam you.

Many religiously spend an hour each day on Swagbucks to meet daily goals and earn bonuses. Personally, I think there are much better uses of your time, so I am only going to share with you easy returns. Most will require you to spend money, but then earn additional money back in Swagbucks points.

For the week of 7/5/2017:

  • Sign up for Hulu and receive 2300 Swagbucks under the Discover tab. Easy money maker as Hulu can be cancelled at anytime and is only $9 a month. I have had Hulu for many years and gave up cable altogether 8 years ago, and never looked back.
  • Sign up for eStories and receive 2200 Swagbucks under the Discover tab. Pay $6 a month for three months.
  • Sign up for Paribus (free) and receive 300 Swagbucks under the Discover tab. I am a big fan of Paribus.
  • Sign up for a bundle of products from Honest Company under the Discover tab and receive 2500 Swagbucks, and 40% off your first bundle. I love their bug spray and stain spray.
  • Donate to WCS and earn up to 6500 Swagbucks under the Discover tab. For $9 donation you receive 2000 Swagbucks, and 1500 for each additional month for three months. Great moneymaker and you can help wildlife!
  • Donate to the Sierra Club and earn 3000 Swagbucks under the Discover tab. For a $15 donation you receive 30000 Swagbucks.

Each Swagbuck is equal to a penny. They can be traded in for cash via Paypal, or receive a bonus for the first $25 giftcard you redeem each month for only 2200 Swagbucks. This is what I usually do. I set a goal of getting that $25 giftcard and then take a break until I can purchase my next one at a discount. Happy Swagging!

Please note all Swagbucks links are referrals.


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