Planning a Trip for 2022

It’s been a long time since I have been fully immersed in all things Disney and so much has changed. There have been park closures, ride shut downs, show cancellations, massive layoffs and more thanks to the pandemic. But, as we look towards 2022, the future looks brighter than ever for DisneyParks, as Disney World celebrates its 50th anniversary with all sorts of new offerings for guests.

This is why I am toying with a visit next year. My family of three has not been to the parks since the opening of the fantastic Star Wars area. Since my husband in a HUGE Star Wars fan, it seems almost criminal that we haven’t gone. I am considering a visit during November or December, when the parks are decorated for the Holiday season. The last time we visited during this time it was just my husband and I and we had a wonderful time. There were many special events, all of which were included with admission. I am a Christmas fanatic so it seems only fitting to visit then.

Because so much time has passed, almost 10 years since our last holiday visit, and 5 since our last visit to the parks, I feel like I’m starting from scratch. So I thought I would have you all follow along with me as we plan our next big Disney adventure. Let’s get going.

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