Welcome to my new blog!

Disney is something that is intertwined with American culture since birth, and for me it’s no different. Growing up I was fortunate to take three separate trips to Walt Disney World with my family. Each experience – years apart – was completely different as the parks and my interests changed, but one thing remained the same a top notch vacation experience. On my last visit, my husband and I did a fully adult adventure, and once again, the mouse house delivered with a fantastic trip.

A trip to any of the Walt Disney World resorts may seem out of reach for many Americans with skyrocketing ticket costs, and a shrinking middle class, but through this blog I hope to show you that a Disney experience is attainable to just about anyone with the right planning.

Once a closeted Disney fan, I now wave my nerd flag high. I hope to share my enthusiasm, and money saving tips, so that you can have a little Disney magic in your life.