Ask r/WaltDisneyWorld: Where do you find respite in the parks?

I’m a member of Reddit (aka the front page of the internet) which allows people to share information and converse around common interests. A great Reddit group is the topic r/WaltDisneyWorld. Whenever I can’t find an answer to a specific question I ask them and they give me their honest answers.

So today’s question is: Where in the parks do you find respite?

With their ever growing popularity, the parks can get super crowded, even during slower shoulder seasons, and sometimes we just need a break. Whether you have a small napping child, want to relax yourself, or literally recharge (your phone that is) here are a few good places.

Magic Kingdom

  • Upstairs in Columbia Harbour House in Liberty Square
  • Alley in Main Street USA
  • People Mover in Tomorrowland
  • Carousel of Progress in Tomorrowland
  • Tom Sawyer’s Island in Frontierland
  • Hall of Presidents in Liberty Square
  • The Tangled themed bathrooms in new Fantasyland (mainly at night)


  • “Bathroom hallway” that’s just between Club Cool and Starbucks

    I was there at New Year’s Eve and, comparing to the whole Park, you could actually catch a snooze there (and charge your phone). – Kojyneox

  • Side/behind Imagination
  • Ellen’s Energy Adventure
  • Courtyard in the United Kingdom Pavilion
  • Little seating area in the United Kingdom Pavilion, down next to the water.
  • American Adventure in United States Pavilion

Hollywood Studios

  • Backlot Express

    Just grab a refillable drink, and you’re good to stay as long as you want. Not as crowded after 4-5 p.m. It has air conditioning and unlimited soda! – Kojyneox

Animal Kingdom


  • Flame Tree BBQ waterside seating, seating area between Africa/Asia

Your hotel during the afternoon

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