Star Wars Launch Bay Opens at Hollywood Studios

Since Star Wars weekends has been sadly eliminated from Hollywood Studios, and the new Star Wars land is still probably three years out, Walt Disney World decided to hold us over with the Star Wars Launch Bay. The new experience features Chewbacca and Darth Vader Meet N Greets, as well as costumes and other items from the Star Wars franchise.

Check out this full video overview from Inside the Magic.

Ask r/WaltDisneyWorld: Where do you find respite in the parks?

I’m a member of Reddit (aka the front page of the internet) which allows people to share information and converse around common interests. A great Reddit group is the topic r/WaltDisneyWorld. Whenever I can’t find an answer to a specific question I ask them and they give me their honest answers.

So today’s question is: Where in the parks do you find respite?

With their ever growing popularity, the parks can get super crowded, even during slower shoulder seasons, and sometimes we just need a break. Whether you have a small napping child, want to relax yourself, or literally recharge (your phone that is) here are a few good places. Continue reading

Sneak Peek of the New Skipper Canteen in Magic Kingdom

You guys, I am SO excited about this new restaurant in Magic Kingdom. In general, as a foodie I have been unimpressed with the food offerings in that park, but with Be Our Guest Restaurant, and now this new one, I am stoked!

Skipper Canteen is themed to go along with the Jungle Cruise and more importantly with the secret Society of Explorers and Adventurers, a fable club made up of a motley crew of characters whose influence is sprinkled throughout Disney properties around the world.

As of January 2016, even though this restaurant is a table service category, they are NOT taking Advanced Dining Reservations. That may change, but rumor has it Disney wants to test first come, first served.

The first impressions of guests have said that internationally influenced cuisine is amazing. Here’s a full review over at the Disney Food Blog.

To get a feel for the place check out the video below.